Saucy Short Stories

Today I joined Twitter. It’s all a bit strange for me.  At home I constantly mumble a load of gibber jabber, I even find myself mouthing the words, sometimes even gesticulating. I accept I am a tad mad.  My point is I’m not one to share my thoughts or opinions openly or randomly. I  can’t imagine me picking up followers so I was very surprised to see I had 1 follower after only hours.  Clicking on my person of interest I found it to be an advert for a short story free to download from Amazon.  The author Sloane Howell (how cool is that name?) invited reviews. I read the story; The Panty Whisperer.  It was far too explicit for me but I liked its conciseness, flow and the male p.o.v. The sentence ‘I want to own your mind for the rest of my life,’ is a wickedly good line.

When I read Fifty Shades Trilogy I fast forwarded the majority of the sex scenes.  The first one or two great but after that it became samey.  If all three books had been condensed and written as one then I could see that book being in my top ten, but alas it was not. What I liked about Fifty was the potency of Mr Grey and his connection to Anastasia.  That’s what I’m endeavoring to create in  The Rebirth of Henry Whittle.

With this is mind I have to put Nicci French’s Killing Me Softly as one hot book.  I’ve read it numerous times over the years.  It’s tense, scary and very sexy.  A book that makes me believe the characters are real is what ticks my box along with sex scenes that don’t make me feel like I’m up close to another woman’s vagina. I’m a big fan of the Nicci French collaboration and if I could put my name to one book it would be a struggle between Killing Me Softly and Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, wow has that short story got punch to it. I’ve reread that little gem a hundred times.  Striving to create that essence in my book is important to me.

I’m not dissing The Panty Whisperer or Fifty, in fact I’m accepting that I’m not really in a position to critique erotic fiction because I’m the girl from the swimming baths who changes beneath her towel.  Even if I had the most versatile, exploratory imagination in the world I couldn’t write erotically because that’s not who I am.

Be happy, T


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