The New Girl

It’s like my first day at secondary school; I’m worried that I won’t know where to line up, that no one will talk to me or like me. If this is anything like my experience at school I’m in trouble. Blogging?  I don’t know anything about it or how it works but I do know why I’m entering the unknown…I’ve written a book and it seems that having an online presence is essential.

The Rebirth of Henry Whittle is my first novel, it’s actually my very first piece of writing. It is a multi-perspective thriller romance. Like my book, I also am a mystery. Gertrudetkitty is not the name on my birth certificate but that’s a different blog.  Today I want to focus on Henry.

Kitty and I were discussing what makes the perfect antihero (who’s Kitty? Now’s not the time). He had to be psychologically dark but not disturbed; remote but not untouchable, high IQ but not a geek, intense but not extreme.  Physically: tall, sleek, muscular but not muscle bound, definitely a six pack, compelling eyes, intricate tattoos, a few scars.  Well you get my drift.  Do you remember a game called ‘Misfits’? Where you selected physical characteristics like hair, eyes, etc and made funny people.  If I could make Henry Whittle he would have Ian Somerhalder’s smoldering eyes, Ryan Reynold’s height, Ryan Gosling’s body and intensity (he can do scary very well) and Adam Levine’s tattoos and dark looks.  I’ve spent many hours mulling these attributes over; research is hard work.

Dark, edgy characters are by far my favourite; I feel drawn to them, attracted to them. ‘Snape in Harry Potter, Lex Luther in Smallville, Ryan Gosling’s unnamed character in ‘Drive’ and ‘Dexter’.

When creating Henry I initially listened to Maroon 5 and held an image of Adam Levine in my mind but then the video for ‘Animals’ was released and I recast Adam as my serial killer who also happens to be devastatingly attractive.

To me Henry is very real, because of him I’ve written a 92,287 word book. I am determined to get Henry published.  If that requires me coming out of my shell and bearing my soul then I’m willing to go completely against my nature because Henry’s worth it.

Be happy, T


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