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Sorry by Zoran Drvenkar is a cracker of a thriller. It’s not only an original concept, an agency that delivers apologies on behalf of others, but its sudden shifts between tense and perspective keeps you on your toes. The writer has thrown the rule book out which I like, he has not been constrained by continuity or consistency. This deviation from the norm increases the sense that anything could happen and it does. It’s the  first book I’ve read in a long time that feels alive in my hands.

The characters are a mixed bunch; young, old, male, female, good, evil. Many reviews I’ve read describe the killer as sadistic; but he isn’t, certainly not in true Val McDermid form.

I don’t want to give too much away (as many of the book reviews do!) so I’ll say this; the body count will sufficiently satisfy those readers who love a serial killer, the real tragedy unfolds subtly like a Jodi Picoult novel and the tension rivals NicciFrench at their best.

‘Surprise, shocks and thrills,’ is how the Sunday Express describe Sorry. ‘As dark a novel as I’ve read in years,’ states The Times.  I agree, yet this book is more; it’s a tale of love and loss, of innocence and the danger of silence but mainly the power of friendship.

The ending, well obviously I’ll keep that to myself.  However it made me consider the novel I’d just read ‘The Liar’s Chair’ by Rebecca Whitney. Rebecca skillfully crafted her ending; it satisfied me, in fact if a sequel were written I’d buy it because I felt her characters and the plot have the potential to make a great read.  Regarding Sorry’s finale I would have liked the opportunity to have spent a little more time with the remaining characters; I wasn’t dissatisfied I just felt that there was a little more mileage left for the reader to cruise with.

Now that ‘Sorry’ has returned to my bookshelf ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ sits on my coffee table, beckoning to me. Downloading books is truly amazing but there is nothing like holding a book. Seeing the cover


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