About me

I’m an rookie.  I haven’t taken baby steps though, not me, I’ve storm troopered my way through writing a romantic thriller.  I feel  as if I have a split personality because when I write I’m looking through three sets of eyes: mine (T), Gertrude’s and Kitty’s.

My book ‘The Rebirth of Henry Whittle‘ is complete and I have an agent.  Getting an agent is hard, getting published is harder.  My edited manuscript was sent to all the big names in publishing and all fifteen said no.  But it was a very constructive and positive no so the last year has been spent editing for the second time.  I’ve been writing for two years now. It’s given my day purpose and structure which is important if you have something like #cervicalmyelopathy.  I am still new to blogging and social media so I make mistakes but I hope you can assess these links




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